Food items that provide peace of mind
before tasting them



Gluten Free Gluten Free So everyone
can enjoy
delicious foods

BRANMA realized that there are many people whose enjoyment and options are limited, such as vegans and people with allergies who have diets that are not delicious but have no other choice or just eat to survive. We strive to realize healthy lifestyles with delicious foods to enrich their eating habits.

  • CUSTOMER EPISODE 01 Seeking for
    a vegetarian cake

    A foreign family living in the Osaka-Kobe area found BRANMA while walking around Okamoto looking for a vegetarian cake. Although they were looking for a cake, they liked the chocolat of GATEAUX DE BRANMA when they tasted it in our store and decided to buy it. The family has become regular customers that buy it in bulk regularly, as it lasts a long time. Now, three generations of their family visit our store.

  • CUSTOMER EPISODE 02 A place where you can enjoy
    the pleasure of choosing

    A mother visited our store on her own after being introduced to it by a friend. She looked over our products and later returned with her daughter, who was allergic to eggs and dairy products. Up to that point, her daughter had only been able to eat certain sweets, so she was thrilled to be able to choose from among all the products in our store and bought some sweets. They have since come to our store many times, and the daughter is a cute customer who has difficulty choosing and ultimately ends up tearfully choosing the same thing.

  • CUSTOMER EPISODE 03 Same enjoyment
    of eating as before

    We have a customer who loved sweets and ate them often, but after turning 50 years old, he suddenly became allergic to wheat. As the manager of a children’s baseball team, he had experienced anaphylactic shock as a result of a cake he had received from the parents of the players after a match. He visited BRANMA after being introduced to it by a friend.
    When he comes to Kobe, he drops in to our store so he can eat baked confectioneries again.

  • CUSTOMER EPISODE 04 BRANMA’s baked confectioneries
    —gluten-free but delicious

    A couple allergic to wheat came from Kyoto looking for BRANMA. Prior to coming, they had contacted us by phone and said that although they had found gluten-free baked confectionaries in Kyoto, all of them had dry textures and were not delicious.They tasted our confectioneries and were pleased with them, and they purchased some in bulk. Since they cannot come to Kobe often, we will ship our products to them by post in the future.


Customization Customization Enjoy them freely,
with anyone at any time

For example, you can add flavors, seasonal fruits, or seasonings to enjoy festive tastes at parties. Or you can get intoxicated by marriage of them with wine, champagne, or sake. BRANMA’s products are also convenient in settings in which many people get together and are okay even if there are people there with allergies because they are gluten-free. Everyone can taste the same things, and both the hosts and guests can enjoy their food and time without worrying about allergies. Our products are suitable not only for parties but also as gifts for yourself and as snacks for children. Please try and find your favorite ways of eating and enjoying them.


Made in japan Made in japan Japanese soybeans
used consistently

BRANMA uses only Japanese soybeans, mainly Fukuyutaka soybeans from Saga, Kyushu, that are selected carefully each time. We carefully judge their quality, which varies depending on the weather, and consistently choose the best ones each season.
Selecting ingredients that create special deliciousness and provide peace of mind is an important commitment for delivering enjoyment of eating to many people.commitment to bring the enjoyment of eating to many people.


Certification Certification Checks conducted
every day

To provide consistent deliciousness and peace of mind that never change, BRANMA uses material measuring equipment to digitalize data related to quality. By performing checks every day, concentration, adjustment, and fermentation are performed according to the weather and humidity each day to maintain the quality of products with manufacturing methods that do not rely solely on our intuition. The data accumulated every day are the secrets behind the deliciousness and peace of mind.The data accumulated every day is also the secret of deliciousness and peace of mind.


Expand and connect
the possibilities
soybeans throughout the world

An essential protein for maintaining our human body. Many of the materials that make up that protein are substances that need to be ingested from food. For the Japanese, if it is animal, it is meat, fish, eggs, and milk, and if it is vegetable, it is soybean.
However, in order to obtain chicken, pork, and beef, not only must a large amount of grain be fed as food, but also a large amount of water is required to produce that grain, which leads to a burden on the global environment. Has been done.
With the announcement of such results, Branma's desire to "expand the possibilities of soybeans to the world" is not just for the delicious taste of the product, but also for comfortable and sustainable activities. Being aware of being with us, we are expanding to the desire to continue practicing that can contribute to the sound progress and development of society.


01 / 05

In a mountain village very far from here,
there was a man who researched food
as his hobby while farming.

02 / 05

One day, he embarked on a journey.
He encountered many dishes
made from soybeans during his journey.
The diversity of possibilities
from a single ingredient immediately
turned his surprise into curiosity.

03 / 05

Soybeans can be turned into many dishes,
and they also go well with alcohol.
It is also good to combine them
with other things or consider
combinations to discover new tastes
that are not yet known.

04 / 05

Because they are low in calories
and have high nutritional value,
he thought that he might be able to convey
much more enjoyment
of eating to his grandchild,
whose diet was limited due to an allergy.
As he thought this, his curiosity continued to grow,
and he devoted himself to research on
how to make new foods using soybeans.

05 / 05

BRANMA is the store
that presents the fruits of his research.
People with food restrictions and those without them
can experience the same enjoyment of eating.
Foods can be shared among family members,
between husbands and wives, or with many friends.
To hand down delicious food culture
started from soybeans,
he still finds time to travel even now
and continue his research.